Trip to Jerusalem

Our city is a one-of-a-kind city with a history that stretches back thousands of years, involving deep significance to the three monotheistic religions as well as a vibrant modern city. Jerusalem is full of surprises and contrasts, the past and the present are all mix in a magical way. At Jerusalem Bed and breakfast we are not just a warm place to sleep but we also wish to help you explore and full in love in our city through special and unique tours we have designed for you. Each of our locations represents a topic we have thought will be off interest to explore in the city. Around the topic we have designed an adventures day tour.  As our guest you will receive a package with a map and the locations to visit, information about the interest point, hours of operations, how to get to different places and food places suggestions.  After the tour you are welcome to come back home and enjoy a good night rest at one of our houses.

trip to jerusalem - camels

Camel Rides

In the heart of the Judean desert, overlooking the great canyons of Wadi T’zelim and Wadi Rahaf, lays the Kana’im valley- a most beautiful and untouched nature reserve. The only inhabitants here are the Bedouins, those desert dwellers living in their tents and herding their goats, sheep and camels as they have done for centuries.

Camel rides in Israel – Kfar Hanokdim

If you wish to take camel rides in Israel, Kfar Hanokdim offers a perfect layout with a variety of rides of up to 45 minutes that take you on a circular route in the desert overlooking the surrounding mountains and the local Bedouin settlements allowing you to see the layout of desert life from a camel’s view point.

Ben Harim Camel Rides & Tours

Jerusalem Home Bed & Breakfast offers lovley & experiential daily tours with Ben Harim guides.

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The different available tours

Allenby 2 -Come and experience the holy places in Jerusalem and more from a special house that has a history of its own.

Romema Studio – Explore the mix of architectural building throughout the city and there history while staying in one of a kind building

Machane Yehuda- Studio – Fulfill all your senses with the colorful and scents from the many vibrant markets of the city.

Some Tips for your trip to Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is one of the most intense places on Earth! At the heart of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions, this walled one kilometer area in the center of Jerusalem is beyond words and cannot be missed. The Old City is home to the Western Wall (aka Wailing Wall and in Hebrew Kotel). This is the last remaining wall of what was the Jewish Temple, and is today the holiest site in the world for Jews.

Above the Western Wall lies the Dome of the Rock important for Muslims as the site where the prophet Muhammad is said to have risen to heaven. And, just a few minutes walk away, lies the Church of the Sepulcher, where some believe Jesus was crucified and buried.

One of the best ways to experience the Old City is with a tour. Consider joining the Half-Day Old City Tour or the Jerusalem Day Tour to get a fully guided experience.

The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters; The Jewish Quarter, The Armenian Quarter, The Christian Quarter, and The Muslim Quarter. The walled city is entered by one of seven entry gates, although the busiest for tourists is the Jaffa Gate next to which is the Tower of David Museum, providing the history of Jerusalem within the Old City Walls. Each quarter has its own unique atmosphere and observations, sites and smells, and experiences.