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Free Bicycle at Allenby 2, Jerusalem

“Jerusalem Park” The largest planned city park in the country of Israel. Jerusalem Park trails includes: Arazim valley, Moza valley Refaim valley and Zofim valley. The size of the park is 15,000 donam and includes 25 Km of bike trails that are part of a larger bike trail of 42 Km that surround the city of Jerusalem. To learn more about the project and the trails it is recommended to enter the website” for jerusalempark

Jerusalem on bicycle – We invite our guests to explore the beauty of the city while riding on bicycles. At Allenby 2 we have several pairs of bikes and we welcome all our guests to hop on and tour the holy city of jerusalem. We offer several biking routes maps to help you get started. The use of the bicycle is free and based on availability.